Unfortunately, today’s real estate market isn’t one that welcomes outdated designs and fixtures. Most buyers expect a home to be updated in some fashion, even if they say they’re looking for a “fixer upper”. So, when the time comes to list your home for sale, you may start noticing that you’ve neglected some things as you prepare your house and yard. Between clearing the clutter to packing all of your belongings in preparation of the move, you’ll start wondering what areas need to be repaired and what can be left out. So we created a quick rundown of things to do if you do decide to handle any repairs before selling your house.

Where To Start

Begin your repair process by documenting any and all areas that need some attention. This can include carpets, paint, light fixtures, bathroom elements, and more. Providing a buyer with a house that looks and feels kept up with will deliver a faster, simpler closing process, as your potential buyers will have less questions and concerns about the hidden things. Structural repairs are a must as well, especially your roof and exterior walls, as most home buyers will shy away from potential structural problems.

Easy Repairs & Cosmetic Updates

If you choose to not sell your house as-is, look to start repairing or replacing things like carpet, paint, and rotted/damaged wood. Your walls and floors cover the most surface area of your home, and as such, make the biggest impact if they’re damaged or dirty. Old, high-trafficked carpet immediately turns nearly any room into a negative, and a lot of times old carpet comes with a less-than-desirable smell. As for walls and ceilings, new coats of paint can help provide a much needed lift in appeal. Additionally, try to repaint walls in neutral colors like white or tan to help keep appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Here are some other essential to-do’s and tips before putting your home on the market:

  • Deep clean your bathroom and re-grout or caulk worn down areas around tile and fixtures
  • Replace outdated hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets can bring new life to the spaces
  • Fresh mulch in flower beds can help drive better curb appeal
  • Replacing countertops with granite can make a room feel updated without too much work either

What Type of Market Is It?

One of the easiest ways to find out if you should sink money into your home is figuring out what type of market you’re about to list your home in. If it’s a hot market, then it’s a seller’s market, which means you can get away with less repairs/fix-ups before selling. That being said, a home that needs repairs will still sell for less than one that needs fewer repairs, no matter the market. A market that isn’t as hot will most likely mean you’re going to need to pull all the stops to sell your home in a timely fashion. Buyers will want a home that’s caught up in terms of fixtures and appliances, so forgoing fixes can be detrimental to your home’s value.

Don’t Want to Repair? Sell Your Home As-Is Fast

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