Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive a postcard from y’all?

We know that you have probably received dozens of postcards offering to buy your house. We can’t speak for the other guys but we mailed to you because you have a house in a neighborhood that we like to buy houses. We mail postcards all across DFW to homeowners offering to give them a fair and transparent cash offer for their home.

What kind of people sell their house to Rise Realty?

All kinds of people, in all kinds of situations, sell their house to us. We buy houses that need to be gutted and fully remodeled and we buy houses that only need minimal work. We buy homes from people who need a really quick close to homeowners who need a 6 month close. We have bought homes from sellers who have inherited the home, are going through a divorce, moving to a retirement facility, moving out of state, selling a rental with difficult tenants, and many more circumstances. If you have a situation, chances are we have dealt with it before and can help you!

Do you make low-ball offers?

Absolutely not! We run comps in the area to figure out what the house may be worth fixed up, estimate repairs, then give a fair cash offer based on the repairs and repaired market value of the home.

Do I walk away with less money selling my house to a company like yours?

It all depends on your situation. Once you factor in all the costs of selling a home the traditional route, we are typically able to offer a very competitive price. It’s important to take into consideration the cost of repairs, holding costs, realtor fees, closing costs, and seller concessions at closing when comparing using a realtor vs taking a cash offer from Rise. 

I have a house that has title issues, can you help?

Absolutely! Our title company works with a ton of sellers where title isn’t straightforward. Our title company we use has the experience needed to handle almost any title issue.

Why is a cash offer so important?

When you sell your home to another individual who is going to live in the property, they typically use a conventional loan to buy the property. A conventional loan is more likely than a cash offer to fall through. The conventional lender might not be able to close the deal because of issues with foundation, structural issues, or a number of other repairs. The conventional loan could also fall through if the buyer’s financial situation changes during the purchase. A cash offer, however, is not contingent on financial situations, repairs needed, inspections, or appraisals.

How quickly can you close?

We can close in 3 days if necessary.

If I accept an offer from Rise Realty do we have to close right away?

No. We can push closing out as far as 6 months and in certain situations even further than that. We do our best to meet our clients needs in any way possible.