If you own an old house and you’re ready to sell it, there are a few things you may want to consider before you list it on the market. 

You may have a house that’s full of personality, or maybe it reflects an era from an earlier time. But if you have a house that’s outdated completely, you might find that you’ll have a hard time selling it. But that’s okay because we’ve got you covered with a guide to getting your home ready to sell with seven easy steps.

Tidy Up

The first step to putting any home on the market is giving it a deep clean and decluttering the whole place. Get rid of anything you don’t use or any items you don’t want to move to your next home. This could be old furniture, clothing, kitchen items, etc.. By clearing out the house, you’ll know exactly what you’re working with. It will help you determine what parts of your home need an update and which parts you can probably leave alone. Once this is complete, you can start making changes to your home.

Update the Look

You can change the look of an old house pretty easily, but the appeal of an old home usually goes beyond just restoring it. Whether you’re trying to maintain the historic nature of the house, or you just want to make it look good, there are ways to make that happen. Here are a few ideas to help you update the look of your home: 

  • Paint the walls
  • Replace the floors 
  • Change out the kitchen cabinets and countertops 
  • Update the appliances 
  • Get new windows 
  • Change out the hardware in your kitchen 
  • Replace the lighting fixtures
  • Add a kitchen backsplash

These both big and small projects can add a great deal of value to your old home. 

Make a Good First Impression

When you’re about ready to sell your house, you can make sure to make a good first impression by boosting your home’s curb appeal. Here are some easy things you can do to make your yard and home’s exterior look great for potential buyers: 

  • Wash your windows 
  • Repair exterior flaws (like siding and roofing) 
  • Paint the house 
  • Trim trees and bushes 
  • Paint or replace the front door 
  • Plant flowers or bushes in flower beds 
  • Add faux shutters to your windows 
  • Stage the front porch with outdoor furniture 

Price It Right

If you don’t price your home to sell, then no one will want to buy it. But what exactly should you consider when putting your home up for sale? Consider two things: your home’s age and what it has to offer. To help you figure out the home’s value, consider the home’s market value, based on how much money homes in the area are selling for and how your house compares to those that are selling. You can use a home value calculator, but the best way to get an accurate and excellent price is to have a real estate professional give you an estimate based on their research of the area and an inspection of your home. 

Prepare for an Open House

If you’ve got an old house’s historical nature, one of the biggest obstacles to selling your home is that you’ll need to host an open house. An open house could make or break the sale of your house, so here are some things you should prepare for: 

  • Spread the word beforehand on social media
  • Have a handout with the details of the property 
  • Make your house feel like a home with proper staging 
  • Let people tour the home themselves with no pressure 

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