If you need to relocate, odds are you need to do it quickly because you have to start a new job, take care of an ailing relative, or some other unforeseen circumstance. Whatever reason you have, you’ve now been thrown into a time crunch when it comes to selling your home, and the real estate market is not known for moving quickly. Most homeowners don’t have the ability to own two homes at once, so finding the fastest route to both selling your home and receiving your money is crucial. Learn why a cash buyer may be the solution you need when time is of the essence for selling a house.

What is a Cash Buyer? 

A cash buyer is somebody who has cash on hand to buy your home. Just like you might purchase a car and pay cash for the whole thing, there are people who are able to buy a home in cash. With houses as with cars, the advantage is the same: the sale process can move forward independently of financing. In contrast, the traditional home sales process hinges upon the buyer’s ability to obtain a mortgage-something that takes time.

Why Sell to a Cash Buyer? 

Saving time is the main advantage of working with a cash buyer. You may be able to close in as little as a week from the time they put in their offer.

Cash buyers often accept the property in as-is condition, which means they will not require that you make any repairs to the home. Cash buyers may not even require that you clean out a house, which can be good news if you need to sell an inherited house quickly and you don’t have the time to clean it out.

Cleaning and making repairs are two of the things you would need to do when selling a home in the traditional manner, by working with a real estate agent. When relocating, you need to put your time and energy into planning for your new life, for example, you may need to find a new apartment to rent. The more time you spend cleaning out your current home to put it on the market, the less time you have to plan for a smooth relocation.

When you compare the cost of carrying multiple mortgages and paying off moving expenses while you wait for the home to sell traditionally, with the ease of accepting a cash offer that will fund your relocation, the advantage should be clear.

Some homeowners worry about being taken advantage of by a cash buyer who knows that they need to sell quickly. However, you always have the ability to turn down an offer if you do not think it’s fair. There’s nothing to lose by soliciting offers from cash buyers.

If saving time is your biggest priority, this is your best option. If you are more interested in selling your house for the highest possible price and you don’t mind spending money or waiting on the uncertain timeline of the traditional real estate process, then you may prefer to go through a real estate agent. Now that you have an understanding of the options for selling a house quickly, you can decide what’s the right approach given your circumstances.

Relocating & Ready To Sell?

Whether your relocation is planned or a surprise, let us help you sell your home. Once it is time to sell, think about getting a cash offer on your home. Our Dallas cash home buyers are available to provide you with an honest assessment on the value ofyour home. Get a free, transparent and honest all-cash offer for your home by giving us a call at (972) 433-0236 or requesting a free cash offer for your home online.