When you put your house up for sale believing it’s in great shape and is priced right, it can be disheartening when it doesn’t sell right away. Every day, hundreds if not thousands of home sellers are thinking to themselves: “Why isn’t my home selling?”

And when homes sit on the market for a while, the reflex action is to drop the price. And that may well do the trick, but it costs the sellers money. A ten-thousand-dollar price drop just to get the home sold means $10,000 less in the sellers’ pocket.

But if a home isn’t selling, it’s not necessarily priced wrong. It could be something else entirely. With that in mind, here are three things to consider doing before dropping your price, all of which are less expensive than a price drop.

1. Boost Curb Appeal

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and your home’s first impression to prospective buyers occurs when they pull into the driveway. This is your first chance to wow them.

Your home can be in immaculate condition inside, but if the exterior doesn’t excite buyer prospects, it might not matter. The good news is that fixing curb appeal needn’t be an expensive effort.

Watering and fertilizing can green up a lawn. Trimming existing bushes, or planting new ones, is quick and easy. Pressure-washing a faded façade or painting a front door for a splash of color can be done in a weekend.

To put your home’s best foot forward, you might want to start with the first thing every potential buyer sees.

2. Try Staging It

It’s true that home buyers like to envision their own “stuff” inside a home they’re going to buy, but home sellers should keep in mind that not all buyers are that imaginative. That’s where home staging comes in.

Professional home stagers fill in the blind spots in a buyers’ mind’s eye. They install temporary décor with the purpose of demonstrating a home’s best use of its spaces – even if the home sellers weren’t using space the same way themselves. Stagers also highlight a home’s strengths while downplaying its flaws.

And even the top home stagers’ services cost less than a normal price drop.

3. Get It Professionally Photographed

Nine out of 10 home buyers start their search for a home online, which means they look at a lot of pictures before they even get in their cars to see a home in person. If your listing includes photographs, they should probably be done by a professional photographer.

If you go online yourself and browse homes for sale, you should easily be able to tell which listings have professional pictures and which ones have snapshots of rooms taken by an amateur with a mobile-phone camera. There’s a big difference, and good photos can be the difference-maker when it comes to whether a potential buyer will physically visit a home for sale.

The good news for home sellers is that listing agents will often offer the same advice as above and will quite often be able to provide the services of the professionals needed. Just remember that while they might sound daunting or expensive, some of the ways to cure a home that’s not selling are much less costly to home sellers than even one price drop.

Consider Selling For Cash

If all else fails and you’re not getting the progress on the sale that you’d normally expect, try talking to a Dallas cash buyer. At Rise Realty, we offer no-obligation, transparent quotes for your home. Call us today at (972) 433-0236 or request a free cash offer for your home online.