Most homeowners planning to sell put on their home-selling hats only once their ads go out on a multiple listing service. While a listing can take information about your home to the far corners of the region, however, you don’t need to wait for it to officially go live. Increasingly, homeowners try to create buzz around their homes even before their listings go out.

You need to remember that each additional day it takes to sell your home is an additional day you lose out on the returns you may make investing the money that you make off the sale. It can help to take steps to sell as early as possible. What follows are four tips to help you sell your home before it goes on the market.

Put Out A “Coming Soon” Sign

People interested in buying a home in your neighborhood are likely to drive through to look at what’s on offer. Planting a coming soon sign on your front lawn can help bring in interested homebuyers. In some ways, such a sign may be even more powerful than a for sale sign. When people see a coming soon sign, it tells them that they have an opportunity to look at your home before most other people.

You can also place a coming soon sign on a multiple listing service up to 21 days before your home officially goes on sale. It can have the same effect as a sign out on your lawn. It can create additional interest in homebuyers to know that they are early to a listing.

Get In Touch With A Loan Officer Early

Sophisticated homebuyers don’t go viewing homes to buy until they have preapproval for a loan. Preapproval tells them what kind of home they can afford, and announces to sellers that they are serious buyers. When potential homebuyers go to local loan officers to obtain preapproval, they have a chance to see listings posted around these offices.

It can help you snag the interest of local buyers to have your own listings appear there. As buyers visit these offices and wait for their turn, they will be able to look at your listing posted there, with detailed information about what the monthly payments are likely to be. It’s great exposure for your home. All you need to do is to get in touch with local loan officers and ask them to show your listing at their offices.

Spread The Word – Yourself

When you meet people each day, you should make a point to bring up the fact that you plan to list your home shortly. It doesn’t have to be an actual meeting with people; post the information on social media. Sometimes, when you get the word out early, you can find buyers even before a multiple listing service draws in interested parties.

Hold An Open House Preview

You can only officially announce an open house once your ad on a multiple listing service goes live. Nothing stops you from holding a preview, however. To get the most traffic your way for your preview, check home listings in your area to find out when other home sellers are having their open houses. Those listings will attract a crowd, and those people will be in your neighborhood.

If the idea of making a quick sale appeals to you, psychological approaches and simple, good marketing can make it happen for you. A little initiative is all it takes.

Sell Your Home To An Investor

If you don’t want to hassle with placing your home on the open market, think about selling it to a local Dallas home investor. Here at Rise, we pride ourselves on making the home selling process simple and hassle-free. In fact, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation cash offer for your home after you answer a few simple questions about your selling and property needs. Want to find out how much cash we can give you for your house? Get started now.