There are several ways to sell your home, but one of the simplest is selling to a home investor. If you elect to go with an investor, make sure that you’re properly vetting their offer and ability to go through with the deal.

Here are three things you should ask before choosing to work with an investor to sell your home.

Do they actually have the cash to close the property?

Often times investors will give you an “as-is” “cash” offer for your house.  But many homeowners never stop to ask the question; do they actually have the cash to follow through on that promise.  A contract is a promise to follow through on the purchase of your house for a certain price and according to certain terms.  But until the investor actually shows up at closing with the funds, there is no guaranty.  In order for the homeowner to protect themselves, they should ask the investor for proof of the funds they intend to use for the purchase of the property. 

Are they a company I can trust?

As the real estate market has taken off in DFW, so-called investors have come into the market trying to flip houses.  Most of these “investors” are new to buying houses and may not have the experience to handle the transaction.  For most people, their house is the most expensive asset they own.  So why would you trust just anyone with the sale of it?  We recommend going with a local company with years of experience who can make sure the transaction goes smoothly and as promised.

What is my end goal?

Do you want to walk away with the most amount of money or do you want an easy and convenient process?  As a general rule, if you are wanting to walk away with the most amount of money then the process will be the least convenient for you.  It may mean doing cosmetic updates, repairs, dozens of showings, and a 6-month sales process.  If you want convenience just realize that you will walk away with less money.  Just like anything else, you pay for convenience. 

Looking for a reputable investor that can follow through with the deal?

Here at Rise Realty, we’re committed to providing sellers with a simple and transparent sales process. Our local team of real estate experts is ready to provide you with a free, no-obligation cash offer on your home. Give us a call at (972) 433-0236 or by contacting us here.